Service delivery management

Our service delivery management teams are there to ensure that the technology services that we deliver align perfectly with your organisational needs and goals.

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Working to an agreed and comprehensive service delivery plan, our service delivery management teams ensure that we deliver value and demonstrate a high return on your technology investment.

Our service delivery management brings your organisation and IT together to benefit the organisation as a whole—eliminating the detrimental “us versus them” mindset. Our service delivery management teams foster corporate behaviour for responsible use of security and network services while maximising return on investment.

Effective service delivery processes should:

  • Clearly define the content of IT services
  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of customers, users, and service providers
  • Set expectations of service quality, availability, and timeliness

Services need to be tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. By establishing clear service delivery processes, we can work out how to provide services with the right mix of internal staff/resources and external vendors. Being able to measure the results of our services is key to service delivery. We use and share meaningful metrics to drive continuous service improvement.

Features and benefits

Go for operational excellence

Supporting your secure digital infrastructure from a business perspective seems logical but is challenging to implement because tooling is not service-oriented and processes are not cleverly integrated. Nomios offers ITIL best practices out-of-the-box and is completely service-oriented.

Improved accountability and stronger alignment between your organisation and IT.

With our service delivery management, you can ensure improved alignment of your core functions and IT as a critical support function. By being better aligned, there is more accountability, with actions measured against agreed targets.

Reduction in operational costs and improved efficiency, and improved transparency around IT costs and processes.

Effective service delivery management ensures that you are better able to scale your operations without the need for excessive hiring. This is thanks to automation, better alignment, and improved efficiency, and it allows you to get the most out of your existing resources.

Improved service delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction.

By aligning service delivery with the needs of your organisation, you will be receiving technology services that you and your team want, leading to an improved customer experience. This is supported by improved incident and escalation management, which speeds up the process from issue reporting to issue resolution and that again leads to improved customer service.

Better planning, saving time and money, ensuring more effective change management.

By adopting a structured approach to your service management, you have a framework and the best practice processes needed to make the right strategic decisions while avoiding costly and time-consuming errors. For example through the introduction of effective knowledge management processes that support improved information sharing and protect your business from the financial and legal consequences of a data breach.

Better management of risk, leading to a more stable and secure technology environment.

By following an accepted framework and defined processes, the risks associated with change are greatly reduced. By following accepted processes, planning and testing are improved, communication throughout your business is better, and the chance for significant service interruption is reduced. With greater standardisation and formalised roles, processes, and policies in place, your technology platform will be more robust, resilient, and secure.

Higher return on your technology investments.

By adopting processes that reflect best practices for managing key IT services and functions and then creating policies and procedures to ensure that those processes are followed, you will enjoy a proven higher return on your technology investment, which reduces unnecessary workload, improves access and communication, and increases team productivity.
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