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Education has transformed over the years. Teachers are giving more and more classes online, and interactions between students, faculty, and researchers have therefore become reliant on online mediums.

These changes have their ups and downs. But most importantly, they have put cybersecurity and network infrastructure on the radar of decision-makers in the education and science sectors.

And for good reason. Security and connectivity have become essential. Yet, IT departments aren't always equipped with the right solutions, manpower, and tools to fully support their organisations in these facets. Infradata can unburden your IT department by providing tailor-made services and solutions to ensure your security and connections are optimal at all times.

Industry challenges

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Overcoming cybersecurity and network challenges in remote learning
  • Mitigating cyberthreats such as ransomware and DDoS attacks
  • Ensuring network connections on- and off-campus are solid and reliable
  • Challenges in successfully executing large-scale and long-term IT projects
  • Ensuring you have quick access to the right resources and IT skillsets
  • Network design and technology selection challenges
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Case study

NASK delivers secure broadband internet access to 25,000 schools

The OSE Project was established to increase access to online teaching resources and eliminate areas of digital exclusion. The programme was designed by the Ministry of Digital Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Education under the National Education Network Act. The Act also specifies NASK (National Research Institute) as the OSE Operator, i.e. the management body.

Ensuring security for such a large network was a particularly complex project. The OSE was intended to be a public telecommunications network based on the existing broadband infrastructure developed as part of a commercial investment and subsidised by public funds. The network was to provide access to high-speed internet for teachers and students in over 80 per cent of Polish schools. This would entail high-density traffic from millions of endpoints.

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