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As an organisation active in the travel & leisure industry, you deal with processing sensitive customer data regularly. Ensuring transactions are not compromised, preventing fraud, and managing bookings on your own; and other online platforms are likely at the top of your focus list.

We can help you ensure your customers' information remains secure and help you understand the risk profile for cyber threats by offering you additional, expert hands for your IT team.

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Industry challenges

Do these sound familiar?

These challenges highlight the need for robust, scalable, and secure network solutions tailored to the unique demands of the travel and leisure industry.

Cyber threat awareness

Continually adapting to evolving cyber threats to maintain robust security and educating employees to identify and respond to cyber threats effectively.

High volume traffic management

Companies struggle to manage spikes in online traffic during peak seasons, requiring scalable network solutions.

Wi-Fi security

Protecting Wi-Fi networks from sophisticated hacking techniques like DarkHotel.

Securing online platforms

Implementing advanced cybersecurity technology for online booking systems.

Dealing with legacy systems

Upgrading outdated legacy systems to meet modern security and connectivity demands is a major hurdle.

Payment fraud prevention

Employing measures to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions in high-volume online dealings.

Customer data management

Ensuring the safety of sensitive customer data against breaches.

Mobile workforce support

Ensuring secure and reliable network access for staff on the move within the industry is challenging.
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Our strength lies in our flexibility and focus on developing tailor-made solutions for our customers. Discover in which areas we can support your IT team.

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Combining deep industry expertise, advanced security and network capabilities and human-led design methodologies to enable clients to act with speed and confidence.

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