Zero-Trust Network Access

Simple, automatic secure access that verifies who and what is on your network and secures application access no matter where users are located.

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Secure access to applications with Zero-Trust

Workforces are increasingly mobile and remote – and require access to applications across hybrid IT environments. They often directly access web apps, use compromised networks and work with vulnerable or compromised devices, exposing organisations to threat and data leakage risks. Businesses today require a zero trust solution that enables more fluid anytime, anywhere access to applications and information in the data center and cloud.

  • High-performance, flexible cloud-based service with a simple, streamlined user experience
  • Improved security posture with continuous user and device authentication and verification
  • Faster malicious and anomalous activity visibility, detection, and response
Why adopt ZTNA?

Making the case for Zero-Trust Network Access

Organisations need consistently secure access to data center and cloud applications.

icon Streamlined user experience
Streamlined user experience
Users demand anytime, anywhere access to applications on-premises or in multi-clouds using their device of choice.
icon Direct, trusted application access
Direct, trusted application access
Administrators and users want unfettered secure access to specific applications without excessive configuration, intervention, or training.
icon Enhanced security
Enhanced security
Identity and device authentication, “always-on” data encryption, and application shielding reduces threat, attack and data leakage risks.
icon Simplified administration
Simplified administration
Centralised visibility, management, and policy deployment is critical in today’s complex hybrid IT environment for increased productivity and operational efficiency.
icon Rapid provisioning
Rapid provisioning
Quickly enabling secure connectivity for employees, partners, channels, suppliers, contractors, and so on is critical in today’s business environment.
icon Scalability
Cloud-native scalability, agility, and flexibility are crucial to meet the demands of today’s enterprises and service providers.
icon Right-sized deployment
Right-sized deployment
Matching users to secure access needs can best be addressed with as-a-service user-based licensing.
How we help

Navigate the ZTNA technology landscape

ZTNA provides controlled identity- and context-aware access to resources, reducing the surface area for attack. The isolation afforded by ZTNA improves connectivity, removing the need to directly expose applications to the internet. This architecture effectively hides applications and resources from public view, significantly reducing the attack surface. The result is a boundary around applications that is based on identity, context, and logical-access.

Our security engineers and ZTNA experts are here to guide you on your journey to ZTNA. Together with you we will create a dedicated team and develop a plan to ensure ZTNA success. Thanks to our close relationships with leading technology vendors, we are able to design and build the best solution and create a ZTNA road map for your organisation.

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Security is not one-size-fits-all.

Zero-Trust pillars

When approaching Zero-Trust design, it is easier to break it down into three pillars: workforce, workload, and workplace. These align with the model proposed by Forrester to simplify adoption. There are nuances to address in each area, while all work toward the same goal.

icon Zero-Trust for the workforce
Zero-Trust for the workforce
This pillar focuses on making sure users and devices can be trusted as they access systems, regardless of location.
icon Zero-Trust for workloads
Zero-Trust for workloads
This pillar focuses preventing unauthorised access within application environments irrespective of where they are hosted.
icon Zero-Trust for the workplace
Zero-Trust for the workplace
This pillar focuses on secure access to the network and for any and all devices (including IoT) that connect to enterprise networks.
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