Juniper Networks Introduces QFabric

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Juniper Networks


Leiden, 25th of February 2011 - Juniper Networks today unveiled QFabric, the world's first true data center fabric. An outcome of "Project Stratus," Juniper's multiyear data center network research and development initiative, QFabric delivers quantum leap improvements in data center performance, operating cost and business agility, from the enterprise to the large scale cloud provider. Engineered as a simplified, highly scalable data center network solution, QFabric enables a superior approach to building and securing virtualized data centers that eliminates the tradeoff between quality of experience and economics that plagues today's legacy networks.

QFabric enables exponential improvements in data center speed, scale and efficiency, by removing legacy barriers and improving business agility. QFabric's flat architecture also enables the industry's first integrated security solution that provides visibility, enforcement and scale across the entire physical and virtual data center fabric. Juniper has invested three years and more than $100 million in research and development to address these constraints, creating a new architecture that is designed to be the foundation of data centers for the next decade. QFabric delivers on Juniper's 3-2-1 data center network architecture — collapsing the traditional three-layer network down to a single, high-performance layer.

"Data center compute and storage technologies have advanced over the last decade, and the legacy approach to networking has not kept pace," said Kevin Johnson, CEO of Juniper Networks. "As cloud computing and the mobile internet accelerate, demand is intensifying for a quantum leap forward in data center capabilities. With QFabric, Juniper is transforming data center economics by introducing the only network fabric that is able to eliminate multiple layers of cost and complexity."

Juniper's QFabric architecture is up to ten times faster, uses 77 percent less power, requires 27 percent fewer networking devices, occupies 90 percent less data center floor space, and delivers a nine fold reduction in operating resources than the nearest competitive offering . Improvements in operating expenses of this magnitude provide significant benefit to customers coping with the growing cost of continuing to scale data centers to drive revenue and meet escalating demands driven by cloud computing and mobile Internet.

"QFabric is an evolutionary path to a revolution in computing," said Pradeep Sindhu, founder and CTO of Juniper Networks. "We have fundamentally reengineered the datacenter network, and with QFabric we address the demand for exponential speed, scale, security and efficiency for the next decade."

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