Infradata delivers National Education Network security system to Poland

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Infradata Polska will launch the NASK National Research Institute project for the delivery of the National Education Network (Ogólnopolska Sieć Edukacyjna, OSE) security infrastructure system. The project will ultimately cover 25.000 schools.

Infradata’s offer fulfilled all the conditions set in the request for proposals and was rated the highest by NASK. Infradata experts will be responsible for delivering the hardware and software, as well as the implementation of the system and conducting acceptance tests for the OSE Security Infrastructure nodes.

The project covers over 25.000 schools

These services will enable NASK to offer secure Internet access to educational institutions, protecting users from illegal and unsafe content. The director of the organization will be able to choose a service encompassing tools such as protection against such content, DNS security, as well as the implementation of network access policies, taking into account the type of application being used.

Six companies competed for the contract, with Infradata Polska’s success confirming the experience and expertise of the team in implementing network and security systems. The selection of the winning company was influenced by the recommendation of vendors and security technologies, as well as the fact that Infradata has top-class engineering staff experienced in the implementation of similar solutions.

Delivering fast, safe and free internet to all schools in Poland

The aim of the program of the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs, implemented by NASK, is the development of a National Educational Network that provides access to fast, safe, and free Internet to all schools in Poland, supporting the educational process and increasing the competencies of all Polish students.

The scale of the project is enormous – as it covers more than 25.000 schools – NASK has become the OSE operator by virtue of legislation. The program is financed from the state budget and EU funds. Infradata successfully passed the verification tests and will launch the project in May in the first five nodes distributing security services for the OSE project.

The entire project involves the implementation of 18 nodes throughout the country which, depending on the function performed, have been divided into “Central Nodes” and “Regional Nodes.”

About NASK National Research Institute

NASK’s activities are related to ensuring Internet security. The Institute also conducts research and development activities in the field of developing solutions that increase the effectiveness, reliability, and security of ICT networks and other complex network systems. An important part of NASK research is the study of biometric methods of identity verification in-service security. NASK fulfils the role of a national-level CSIRT in the cyber security system in the Republic of Poland and carries out digitization projects that are strategic for the state.

For more details, please contact: Ksymena Wajda, [email protected], tel nr: +48 787 694 584

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