atom86 chooses Infradata and Juniper routers

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Leiden, 11 October 2011 – IP Transit provider atom86 has opted for MX960 3D routers by Juniper Networks for routing within its network.

Network integrator Infradata, Elite Partner of Juniper Networks, is the supplier and is providing the support.

atom86 was established in 2009 and is a subsidiary of Schuberg Philis. atom86 has managed to quickly build a solid reputation in the IP Transit market for Dutch data centers, with customers from diverse market segments such as banking, retail, logistics, finance, media, energy, travel and manufacturing. atom86 has offered high availability IP Transit connectivity on the IPv4 IPv6 as a standard product from the very beginning in 2009.

The rise in data traffic is accompanied by the increased importance of guaranteeing both performance as well as security when offering IP Transit services. atom86 provides this optimal reliability with the Juniper MX960 3D core routers. This also offers scalability for the future. Thanks to this state-of-the-art, atom86 is growing considerably. The IP Transit provider has already implemented its first expansions in the direction of various data centers in Amsterdam.

Nico Boekee and Robert Heuvel, Sales Managers at atom86: “The Next Generation Juniper MX960 routers have made it possible for us to build an extremely reliable and fast network for our customers so that they can move forward in the coming years.”

“We are glad to have earned the trust of atom86 for the provision of the Juniper core routing network. Thanks to this network, atom86 is ready for the future and can respond to the major increase in data traffic,” says Robbie van Rooijen, Sales Executive at Infradata.

For more information, go to: and atom86

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