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Designed by Arista. Managed by Nomios Germany: Find out more about the future-proof Arista network solutions, their efficient components and their success cases from practice. Including free whitepapers.

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Current business challenges for service providers

With the rapid rise of the cloud - including new AI workloads - service providers need to re-think all aspects of their service delivery systems, from technology selection and design to prioritising capital expenditure and service and support operations.

Arista 5000 and R-Series - as On Site POC with Nomios Germany

Arista has set new standards in the application of cloud networking principles to core routing. The Arista R-Series for Service Providers enables the transformation of legacy networks by applying the principles of scale-out, simplification and automation.

Are you interested in an enterprise-class WAN routing architecture? Then talk to the Nomios experts about the Arista 5000 for enterprise networks or R-Series for service providers.

We will personally discuss your use cases such as universal spine and leaf networks, the private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, enterprise or high-performance applications as well as your suitable selection of modular and fixed deep buffer systems for highly scalable routing and switching solutions.

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Nomios Germany and Arista

as an industry-leading provider of data-driven client-to-cloud networks for large data centres, campuses and routing environments, see the following points, among others:

Inexhaustible demand for bandwidth due to cloud applications

New service models around 5G, IoT, SP Wi-Fi, next-gen content delivery, smart city initiatives, etc.

Significantly lower latency tolerance and network performance due to the rise of IoT, smart cities, driverless transport and real-time augmented and virtual realities

Ever-growing cyber security threats that will continue to represent a significant danger to modern society

First-class routing and switching performance

A secure, flexible, scalable and cost-efficient architecture

A programmable, automated and open IP/MPLS transport structure

Cognitive analyses based on extensive, model-driven telemetry data

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Arista Networks



Arista Use Cases – free Whitepapers!

Arista's routing solutions for service providers simplify and standardise implementations for different use cases.

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