Cybersecurity and Networking – like burgers and fries

Mennatallah Elshenofy, Network & Security Engineer at Nomios Germany, on the connection between network and security, the pursuit of the "big picture" and the strengths of a diverse team.

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Hi Menna, how did you get into technology?

I have a Master's degree in Telecommunications and have been working in networking for more than 10 years now. Telecommunications was a great start as an engineer back then, but I was immediately fascinated by networking. It combines technology and logic - that was a promising mix and you simply see the results much faster than in research, for example in micro-electronics. For me, networking is logic brought to life.

From your point of view: Why does network make the difference?

If we think about where we were 10 years ago - who would have thought that the world would be developing so quickly? And we're not even talking about the leap forward innovation of artificial intelligence.

To this day, the origin of every digital-supported innovation always lies in the network. Be it the cloud or security - the network is the key to innovation and every company, no matter how big or small, needs its own key.

How do you see the connection between network and security?

For me, there was never a division here. The two belong together like burgers and fries, or even closer. Anyone who builds a network architecture automatically thinks about hardening it. IT security is therefore a result of working in the network and it explains why context-based decisions and an end-to-end approach are essential today.

What makes Nomios Germany special?

When I come to work, I can be sure that I can think freely and that new ideas are welcome.

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From your experience, what makes Nomios Germany special from an engineering perspective?

Generally speaking, companies in our sector differentiate themselves in the type and scope of their planning for a coherent overall picture. And they do so in line with technical progress and the needs of the customer's business. From my point of view, Nomios really goes to great lengths to understand the current needs of customers with an honest interest and to implement these with a view to future developments. To this end, we are also in constant dialogue with our various manufacturing partners. Because technology alone never solves a challenge.

This striving for the "big picture" is also reflected in our internal collaboration. We are an international team with different cultural and professional backgrounds. We draw our strength from these different perspectives in order to achieve the best results.

Could you explain that in more detail?

When I come to work, I can be sure that I can think freely and that new ideas are welcome. It doesn't matter what background you have - as long as you have technical expertise and a genuine enthusiasm for the job. That's what unites us all and that's exactly how we work together - from sales or marketing to the back office. Our customers feel that too!

If you would like to find out more about nomios Germany for your next job in IT, contact Eslam ([email protected]) or Katja ([email protected]).

By the way: We will plant a tree in your name for your submitted application!

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