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AI Ops

Nomios Germany is convinced that AI for IT operations (AIOps) will fundamentally optimise IT operations. Companies will benefit from improved user experiences (operators and users), less pressure on specialised staff and more free IT capacity for business-relevant tasks, as well as an overall increase in ROI.

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What is AIOps?

AIOps takes on the essential tasks of monitoring, optimising and automating IT operations. Where real people are currently still carrying out the tasks, machine learning and artificial intelligence are now taking over to process the data supplied by various systems and tools. Specifically, AI in IT operations relieves internal teams in the following areas:

  • Monitoring the IT environment
  • Recognising anomalies or problems
  • Analysing the causes
  • Reaction and rectification of errors

Realise the following business benefits with AIOps and Nomios.

With more granular, context-based data collection (routers, switches, firewalls, access points and other sources) and the creation of a digital network twin, e.g. via Juniper Marvis Minis, organisations can now move from reactive to proactive or, in some cases, predictive management. This means finding and fixing faults before they cause problems.

AI operations relieve internal resources of many repetitive but important tasks. Support tickets can also be reduced by up to 90%. This gives IT staff more time for essential tasks and reduces recruiting pressure.

Time-consuming troubleshooting for network anomalies is a thing of the past. Today, technicians can communicate in human language with the virtual network assistant from Juniper Networks "Marvis". The system not only finds the problem, but also its causes and provides support in rectifying it.

The certified Nomios experts plan, implement and operate your AIOps solutions on request, especially those from Juniper Networks. This means that your teams and your core business can benefit from added value in the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence more quickly and without major additional operational effort.

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Automatisierungslösungen mit Nomios Germany

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Juniper Virtual Network Assistant Marvis

Marvis is not just another tool that says, "It's nice to have." It's an indispensable member of your IT team, providing unrivalled insight and automation.

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Juniper Mist Asset Visibility

Juniper Mist Asset Visibility provides precise location analytics using vBLE (virtual Bluetooth® LE) technology to track assets and people, improving property planning and understanding customer flow.

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Juniper Apstra System

Reduce design and implementation time from months or weeks to days or hours

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Juniper Anuta ATOM Network Automation Platform

The cloud-native, modular workflow automation platform offers network provisioning, compliance management, service orchestration and closed-loop automation.

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Arista Extensible Operating System

The most advanced network operating system in the world

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Cisco Access networking

Cisco Access Networking is transforming connectivity for businesses with cutting-edge software-driven solutions that enable innovation and growth in a dynamic digital landscape.

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Nomios Germany: specialised and certified for AIOps in network operation.

We see ourselves as pioneers in the age of AIOps and support companies in realising the new benefits more quickly. Our focus is on the network, where we were one of the first partners to be certified as an "AI Assured Partner" by Juniper Networks.

We implement and operate the latest AIOps solutions from various manufacturers and realise new competitive advantages and faster ROIs for our customers.

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