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Juniper Paragon automation

Modular cloud-native software applications use closed-loop automation to translate business intent into service performance, providing your end users with an assured service experience throughout the life of their service.

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Unleash experience-first networking with Juniper Paragon automation

Running a large-scale network isn’t easy. For service providers and other large network operators, it’s about to get even tougher.

Problems like network congestion, latency, brownouts and long lead times to activate new services all degrade end-user experience, sending customers searching for greener pastures from another provider.

It’s not that network operators don’t care about user experience. It’s that current operational models, built on manual processes and antiquated tools, can barely keep up with the growing complexity, scale and performance requirements of the applications they’re delivering. And what happens in the next few years, as new 5G and edge technologies spawn even more cloud-hosted content, applications and services?

What happens is that current tools and processes break down. The customer experience—and the business—suffer. To survive and thrive in tomorrow’s 5G and multicloud services landscape, an operational approach and the tools to support are needed that are laser-focused on one thing: consistently delivering excellent customer experiences.

It’s called “Experience-First Networking.” And with their new Paragon Automation solutions, Juniper Networks can help you deliver it.

Paragon Planner

Paragon Planner (formerly NorthStar Planner) is a cloud-native modeling tool you can use for offline visualisation and detailed architectural planning of your production network. It enables you to forecast the impact of network changes such as latency, additional traffic, shifts in traffic flows, and new capacity or services. Network operators can simulate the effects of these changes and other traffic scenarios in Paragon Planner without affecting the production network.

By collecting data through dynamic-topology or label-switched path (LSP) data acquisition, Paragon Planner generates a graphical view of the network, enabling operators to add, remove, and reconfigure network elements. Simulations can be run on demand or scheduled, to help assess the network for potential failure scenarios. Paragon Planner's built-in reporting capabilities can be used for network planning or running detailed simulation outcomes that are vital for network optimisation.

Key Features

  • Design: Construct network topology maps showing simulated or imported data for nodes, links, and LSPs.
  • Simulate: Create or schedule simulation events to analyse the network model based on failure scenarios such as link congestion, broken link, unresponsive node, and more.
  • Analyse: Produce extensive reports for simulation and planning.

Paragon Pathfinder

Paragon Pathfinder (formerly NorthStar Controller) is a cloud-native controller that simplifies traffic engineering, making it easier for you to leverage benefits provided by transport service paths, such as MPLS/RSVP, segment routing, and network slicing. It enables your operations team to more efficiently manage strict transport service SLAs through automated planning, provisioning, proactive monitoring, and optimisation of large traffic loads dynamically, based on user-defined constraints. With this automation, operators can run their networks “hotter” while achieving predictability, resiliency, and service-level guarantees in service provider, cloud provider, and large enterprise networks. Paragon Pathfinder provides you with granular visibility into network traffic flows and optimises network capacity through closed-loop automation. It monitors your network in real time, gathering streaming telemetry, topology data from Netflow, IGP and BGP-LS from the network, and analysing the data to provision new service paths based on user-defined SLA constraints.

Key Features

  • Manage, monitor, and provision segment routing and IP/MPLS paths in real time.
  • Offers intelligent interface between RSVP-TE networks and segment routing-enabled networks.
  • View live network topology maps that show node status, link utilisation, segment routing paths, and label-switched paths (LSPs).
  • Automate the discovery of nodes, links, and paths from the network.
  • Create or schedule maintenance events to re-route traffic when issues arise.
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Paragon active assurance

Paragon Active Assurance is a programmable, active test and monitoring solution for physical, hybrid, and virtual networks. Unlike passive monitoring approaches, Paragon Active Assurance uses active, synthetic traffic to verify application and service performance at the time of service delivery and throughout the life of the service.

Your service delivery teams can use Paragon Active Assurance to verify that your services are configured correctly the first time and validate that service changes don’t impact service quality. Automating initial service verification and testing helps you reduce time to revenue, lower service delivery operating expenses, and slash failed service delivery rates.

Your network operations teams can use Paragon Active Assurance to identify, understand, troubleshoot, and resolve issues before your end users even notice them. This service performance visibility can help decrease incident resolution time by as much as 50%, resulting in greater end-user satisfaction and retention.

Paragon Active Assurance is the solution you need to automatically verify that each provisioned service works when delivered and continues to work throughout its lifetime.

With Active Assurance you can enable a shift to a more effective service-centric operations model to make sure you can meet the demanding service level objectives for differentiated, end-to-end services across 5G networks and multi-cloud networks.

Key Features

  • Provides end-to-end service insights for service activation testing, quality monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Rich set of Layer 2 to Layer 7 data plane metrics available form one solution.
  • Open API enables external automation tools, Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) orchestrators, and operations support systems (OSS) to remotely control and monitor the Paragon Active Assurance traffic-generating test agents.
  • Easy to deploy and adopt, enabling you to start small and scale as your business needs grow.
  • Software only and cloud ready.

Paragon Insights

Paragon Insights (formerly HealthBot) is a cloud-native, network health and diagnostic solution that provides operational intelligence across all service provider, cloud, and enterprise network domains, from network access to servers in the data center.

Paragon Insights supports multiple open-source data collection formats, including Junos telemetry interface (JTI) and standards-based OpenConfig telemetry.

Once collected, built-in advanced algorithms and machine learning (ML) technology correlate these data sources, establish operational benchmarks, determine anomalies, and perform proactive corrective actions—all critical to intent-based networking. By translating real time analytics into actionable insights, Paragon Insights provides you with a multidimensional view of your entire network and its services.

Key Features

  • Data collection: Collect and normalise data in real time across standards-based collection methods, custom user-defined ingest, or ingest from your own data lake.
  • Single dashboard: Eliminate operational complexity, extract telemetry data into a single view.
  • Network visualisation and ML algorithms: Provide details about network and service health status, outliers and anomalies, and predictive analysis for future behavior.
  • Open and configurable: Customisable YANG-based playbooks, user-defined functions, and an open API provide for integration with existing data ingest and notification applications like Kafka, Webhook, Slack, and HBEZ/HBEZGo, among others.
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