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Cloudflare has made it its mission to make the internet better and more secure.

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Together with Nomios, Cloudflare reliably increases both the performance and security of APIs, web applications and corporate networks.

In addition, Cloudflare's Zero Trust technology helps to make employee access performant, fast and secure. Cloudflare's global network has data centres in over 310 cities and blocks more than 76 billion threats per day.

Connectivity Cloud

The modern way to connect and protect your networks, (cloud-based) applications and users

Cloudflare enables organisations to deploy any infrastructure (cloud, SaaS, web and on-premise), applications and networks anywhere, quickly and securely, while reducing complexity and cost.

Cloudflare's "Connectivity Cloud" offers a comprehensive, standardised platform of cloud-native products and developer tools to work securely, develop easily and accelerate business. Individual solutions can be deployed and expanded on a modular basis, depending on requirements and existing infrastructure.

Data protection is in Cloudflare's DNA. Cloudflare complies with all data processing and storage regulations in the DACH region and the EU. Cloudflare's services are EU Cloud CoC and BSI C5 compliant, among others. This means that your company is quickly and securely set up with Cloudflare, even in the event of an audit.

Modular and comprehensive: the solution portfolio

Built by Cloudflare. Managed by Nomios

A standardised platform that allows your digital business to work productively and innovate anywhere.

Easily protect applications and APIs from abuse, stop malicious bots, thwart DDoS attacks and isolate suspicious activity - all with the help of platform intelligence.

Increase the performance of web applications with unlimited scalable connectivity at any location.

Transform your WAN for the age of secure hybrid working.

Improve the performance of your network with the programmable, highly connected Cloudflare network.

Bring Zero Trust networks together in the Cloudflare Connectivity Cloud:

The biggest benefit for customers is to easily and efficiently secure organisations while consolidating many of their current services. Cloudflare helps take customers on a long-term maturity and consolidation journey to define goals for the next 1 to 5 years.

Secure your hybrid work, protect your data from threats and simplify any-to-any connectivity as you consolidate. Take your digital modernisation one step at a time with composable security products and internet-native connectivity.

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Features und Benefits

The Cloudflare Connectivity Cloud solves business challenges

icon Scaling critical banking activities
Scaling critical banking activities
For example, using integrated load balancing, next-generation firewall services and content caching to improve the customer experience.
icon Protection against API threats, ransomware, DDoS
Protection against API threats, ransomware, DDoS
Awarded by Gartner and others, Cloudflare's 228 Tbit/s network blocks an average of 170 billion threats every day.
icon Simplified branch office connection
Simplified branch office connection
Connectivity optimisation for locations in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. With integrated security and a significantly improved user experience.
icon Safe hybrid working
Safe hybrid working
Without VPN for a significant increase in user-friendliness and security. For every user, every device and every application. Worldwide!
icon Email security for you and your employees
Email security for you and your employees
Intelligent email security solution to protect against threats. Using heuristics and AI-based detection techniques, the product offers advanced measures against phishing, malware scanning and encryption to prevent email-related security incidents and protect sensitive data.
icon Secure online services, fighting payment fraud
Secure online services, fighting payment fraud
Protection against brute force attacks, malicious bots and DDoS attacks - the right combination of solutions from the Connectivity Cloud reliably automates these tasks.
icon Real-time applications
Real-time applications
More performance and minimal latency - if these factors are business-critical, even on mobile devices, Cloudflare is the right choice.
Security in all areas

Selected top industries for Cloudflare and Nomios.

Nomios and Cloudflare deliver unique cybersecurity and network solutions for various industries. Our expertise ensures your operations are secure and compliant. Rely on innovation with Nomios and Cloudflare.

Nomios understands the legal requirements as well as cyber security and network risks. Cloudflare solutions are already in use for financial services worldwide - from cross-boarder payment gateway providers to distributed advisory teams.

Nomios Germany, like Cloudflare, can look back on successful references in the healthcare sector. Whether it's regulatory compliance for online patient services or hardening your own network infrastructure in a hospital or laboratory - we know how to do it best and most efficiently.

Minimum latency, maximum reliability. Nomios Germany is very familiar with complex high-performance networks in the carrier environment, among other things. Cloudflare is also the top dog in the field of application security and performance for e-commerce, online gaming and digital entertainment offerings.

Connected, on-site client work with business-critical data: Nomios and Cloudflare simplify compliance with unified regulatory data controls, reduce the risk of code leaks and extend data disclosure visibility across SaaS apps, shadow IT and new AI tools.

Nomios Germany already supports many customers from the public sector and is familiar with the specific regulatory requirements. Cloudflare solutions protect web services such as customer portals and network infrastructure in compliance with legal requirements such as GDPR.

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Download 4 different whitepapers in English about Cloudflare solutions here:

  1. Integrated DLP & CASB - Download
    Provides comprehensive data protection for web, SaaS and private apps with simplified deployment and unified visibility.
  2. Cloudflare Browser-Isolation(Zero Trust) - Download
    Improves web security by isolating browsing from endpoints and reducing the risk of malware and phishing attacks without compromising the user experience.
  3. Cloud Email Security (CES) - Download
    Provides preventative protection against phishing and business email compromise attacks with machine learning and comprehensive email security features.
  4. SASE & SSE - Download
    Simplifies secure access, threat defence and data protection and facilitates Zero Trust adoption with a unified platform for network and security convergence.

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