The secure VPN alternative: Cloudflare ZTNA

More user-friendliness for more cyber security: cloudflare Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) as an alternative to the unpopular VPN access.

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Now you can save your decentralised data more effectively even when working remotely (home offices, at the client's premises or in branch offices) by increasing user-friendliness:

Cloudflare's Zero Trust network access replaces cumbersome VPN access - across all users, devices, SaaS, cloud and on-premise applications.

This allows you to increase staff productivity and reduce costs. With Nomios Germany and the Cloudflare solution, you can also extend access for external users by supporting multiple identity sources at the same time. Collaborative work between organisations is also secure and roles and rights are automatically adhered to.

Facts about the alternative to VPN:

  • 91 % reduction of the attack surface
  • 35 % reduction in the costs of a data breach
  • 60 % speeding up the onboarding of employees
  • 80 % reduction in the number of IT tickets
  • 39 % Reduction in user latency
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Cloudflare Access and Gateway - 6 top benefits in 1 exclusive Nomios package.

Try out the VPN alternative for user protection and API security exclusively as a package with Nomios Germany. The basis is the agnostic approach, which allows you to integrate all your preferred identity, endpoint and cloud providers at once.

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Zero Trust Application Access (ZTAA), also known as Zero Trust Application Security, utilises the principles that ZTNA applies to network access for access to apps. ZTAA solutions verify user access to an app by integrating with IDP and SSO providers, encrypting connections, checking each access request for an app individually and blocking or allowing it through on a per-request basis. ZTAA can be offered agentless via the browser or via an endpoint agent.

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With the following top benefits:

VPN security but without VPN effort

thanks to a context-based zero-trust solution.

All user and devices

Context-sensitive access via any device (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, chromeOS and Android).

Mutual TLS

Authentication and validation of API traffic with mTLS certificates for mobile and IoT APIs and JSON web tokens (JWT) to block requests from illegitimate clients.

Zero Trust for every resource

in a public, private or SaaS cloud environment.

Automatic detection of your API endpoints

and their schemas using simple heuristics and machine learning models.


adds headers or cookies or redirects to the correct backend resource.

This is how your free POC of the VPN alternative with Nomios Germany works:

  • From 400 employees, free of charge for 2 weeks and with minimal effort.
  • Nomios Germany provides you with the Cloudflare platform and helps you with the API-based setup. Highlight: You onboard all your company identities at once (Okta, Azure AD and more).
  • Evaluation of the key performance indicators

You decide whether you want to continue using the VPN alternative from Cloudflare.


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