Anti-phishing with anti-effort.

Protect all your organisation's M365 users with Nomios and Cloudflare's preventative phishing protection.

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Ready for use in minutes. Without great technical effort.

The highly effective anti-phishing solution in times of AI-based attacks: Cloudflare trains its own AI models to identify different parts of a message and flag suspicious content.

Zero implementation effort for you: We provide you with Cloudflare's email security service either inline (as MX), via API or in multiple modes (hybrid of both).

from 400 employees

4 weeks free of charge.

Try the Cloudflare anti-phishing solution free of charge and secure the following advantages for your company:

Stop the compromise of business email accounts (BEC)

Detect highly fraudulent attacks where criminals impersonate employees and suppliers by exploiting fake and compromised accounts to steal information and receive fraudulent payments.

Prevent ransomware and other malware-based attacks

Block malicious attachments and links that attempt to install malicious software on end-user devices.

User protection before, during and after email delivery

Provide continuous protection against known and emerging phishing tactics, even those cleverly designed to bypass traditional email security controls.

Try it now with Nomios Germany without obligation - ready for use in minutes:

You are a company with 400 employees or more?

  1. Then get in touch with the experts at Nomios Germany and request your free Cloudflare anti-phishing test.
  2. You can view the results of the defence against email-borne malware, business email compromise (BEC) and multi-channel phishing (link- and QR-based) in the dashboard at any time
  3. After the free trial period, you decide whether Nomios should make you an offer or whether we should simply switch off the Cloudflare solution again.

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