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Nomios Germany & Juniper Financial Services

The technical and commercial solution from a single source.

Nomios Germany is your holistic solution provider in the data age. As an Elite Plus Partner of Juniper Networks, we are now going one step further: in conjunction with Juniper Financial Services, we offer customised and tailor-made payment models for Juniper Network solutions.

For maximum speed and commitment, we bring the Juniper Finance decision-makers directly to your table.

We also support technology and sales in communicating with the finance departments. For absolute peace of mind - from purchasing to the Prod environment.

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Exclusively at Nomios Germany from 250 thousand euros deal size

We offer you the following new services free of charge.

PaymentPlan for Juniper Networks
FinancialTranslation for Juniper Networks
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Nomios PaymentPlan for Juniper Networks

Whether leasing, loan or hire purchase - the exclusive Nomios conditions apply in combination with customised payment plan solutions, 0% financing options. This applies to hardware, software licences, services and services in conjunction with third-party manufacturers.

We start the financial planning directly with the architecture and order planning. In this way, we guarantee your company that you will end up with the payment plan that suits your company together with the offer.

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Nomios FinancialTranslation for Juniper Networks

We know from experience: A technician speaks technology. A financier speaks treasury. In order to unite both worlds, we offer argumentative support for purchasing and technology.

Juniper Financial Services and Nomios Germany "translate" the project into both languages on request. Enriched by suitable solution options for finance-specific issues.

In concrete terms, we work with you to harmonise the technical design and the commercial concept - as a holistic approach to projects and with the involvement of all stakeholders.

Weitere Vorteile

Nomios Germany as a partner of Juniper Financial Services:

icon Plannability
Harmonisation of IT budgets and cash flow.
icon Flexibility
Tailor-made creation of CAPEX and OPEX payment models according to your requirements.
icon Time savings
Time savings
A 15-minute exploratory call is enough to qualify the project and define the next steps.
icon Freedom
Leasing, loans or hire purchase are available as options.

All details at a glance

Please find here all information summarised as PDF for download.


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