TEHTRIS Endpoint Detection & Response

Automatically detect and neutralize known and unknown threats in real time.

A break on your cybersecurity technology debt

TEHTRIS EDR, the hyper automated sovereign EDR since 2013, embeds numerous detection and neutralization engines capable of analyzing the most advanced threats of the moment: it automatically detects and neutralizes known or unknown threats in real time without any human action.

TEHTRIS EDR is one of the pioneers and creators of EDR technology. Designed to fight and defend itself efficiently, TEHTRIS EDR can install thousands of EDR agents in less than 24 hours, detect stealthy espionage operations without weapons or malware, recognize techniques used by hackers and automatically build responses. TEHTRIS EDR is a solution provided in SaaS mode, through Cloud, with a will to anticipate, prevent, detect and react at the cybersecurity level. We believe in the convergence of EDR and EPP technologies: complete the detection capabilities of your EPP with the power of TEHTRIS EDR. EPP blocks known and identified signatures, while EDR neutralizes new cyberattacks and unknown or malicious behaviors. Instantly block all complex attacks that escape EPP: installation of EEP module can be done independently from TEHTRIS EDR. The Tehtris EDR/EPP bundle solution can be configured according to the needs of each customer and be adapted to any environment.



TEHTRIS EDR embeds local artificial intelligence to analyze binaries and respond to unknown threats very quickly, using deep learning that is comparable to innovative photo recognition mechanisms. Low-level monitoring provides knowledge of normal behavior to distinguish attackers, their tools and methods.

TEHTRIS EDR contains detection and alert modules against ransomware software that attempt to destroy accessible files during a contamination.

TEHTRIS EDR can understand methods for launching script interpreters or other external files and analyze them in order to mitigate modern malicious workaround attempts.

TEHTRIS EDR analyzes actions and command lines launched from PowerShell, triggering live alerts and/or neutralization, including all ranges of modern file-less attacks.

TEHTRIS EDR detects malicious code injected into process memory to prevent the associated modern stealth intrusions.

TEHTRIS EDR is one of the first, if not the only, EDR in the world capable of contributing to the inspection of all known vulnerabilities (CVEs) across your entire fleet, with over 10,000 checkpoints, in order to reduce the area of exposure while complying with your risk compliance policies.

TEHTRIS EDR can apply your own security policy to only allow certain programs or to specifically prohibit certain threats that violate your risk aversion standards.

TEHTRIS EDR offers the ability to create and customize technical cyber security policies that can then automatically alert you, or even disable or quarantine software based on your preferences

TEHTRIS EDR detects unprotected equipments. Enhanced efficiency with TEHTRIS UES: TEHTRIS UES is the console that unifies and boosts the efficiency of EDR, EPP and MTD solutions. Equipped with powerful and easy-to-use front-end tools, the UES console will provide you with enhanced cybersecurity action capabilities, from temporary crisis operations to regular monitoring.

TEHTRIS EDR detects unprotected equipments.

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Increased detection & neutralization of attacks in real time: an automated response with 0 click

TEHTRIS EDR is one of the pioneers and creators of the EDR wave of the future, the one that aims to be able to install thousands of EDR agents in less than 24 hours, the one that is able to detect stealthy espionage operations without any weapon and without any malware, the one that knows the techniques used by hackers and builds responses in advance… TEHTRIS EDR is a solution provided in SaaS mode, via the cloud, with a willingness to anticipate, prevent, detect, and react at the cybersecurity level.

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