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EfficientIP DNS GSLB

Optimise user to application access from the edge.


Discover the key benefits

To overcome conventional GSLB issues, EfficientIP offers Edge DNS GSLB – the world’s first DNS with smart robust GSLB functionality built into recursive servers.

GSLB functionality on recursive servers

Take load balancing decisions at the edge, close to users for improved experience (UX).

Native geolocalisation of users

Removes requirement for complex network topology mapping, simplifying deployment.

Flexible load balancing algorithms

Caters to Round-Robin (weighted), Best Response Time and Custom strategies.

App health-check from user location

Application load-aware across & within DCs to optimise resource usage and best serve users.

Unparalleled application availability

Comprehensive failure detection and automatic failover for multi-region disaster recovery (DRP).

Centralised application repository

Holistic visibility and simplified management of apps in multi-cloud environment.

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