InterConnect chooses Nomios to upgrade their network to 10 Gbit

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Nomios has been selected as partner by InterConnect to upgrade their network to 10 Gbit. In doing so Nomios will install Juniper MX480 routers into the network of InterConnect. The upgrade helps InterConnect to answer to the growth in the amount of customers, growing data traffic and the increasing customer demands.

As an ISP InterConnect is focused on the business market. Since the start up in 1995, the company has grown to one of the biggest Windows-ISP’s in the Netherlands with over 6.000 hosting projects. InterConnect has a state-of-the-art datacenter from where it offers many managed services to their customers. InterConnect delivers business email applications, back-up facilities, VoIP solutions, dedicated hosting and broadband connectivity.

InterConnect has chosen Nomios for the experience and knowledge in network upgrades to 10 Gbit into lots of businesses in the service provider industry. As a network integrator in the service provider market Nomios cooperates a lot with technology supplier Juniper Networks where it has an Elite partner status. InterConnect has followed the advice of Nomios in choosing the MX480 routers of Juniper Networks.

“We foresee a further growth of the data traffic within our network. To offer our customers the best possible services they can get it is crucial to have a fast and stable network”; says Jeroen Stevens, Director of InterConnect. “With the solutions of Juniper Networks and the expertise and knowledge of Nomios we’re assured of a high quality network that supports the future growth. We’ve especially chosen Nomios because they knew exactly what we wanted and could realize it in a short timeschedule”.

Pieter Vogelaar, Sales Manager of Nomios: ”InterConnect its choice underlines the ability of Nomios to fulfill the needs of high demanding service providers who set high speed and stability standards. We look forward to support InterConnect with their network”.

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