What is Zero Touch Provisioning?

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) is a feature that aims to deliver the installation of a networking appliance without needing someone to configure the device locally. A new or replacement device can be sent to a site, physically installed and powered up by a local employee without any IT skills. ZTP carries out the configuration and connection to the management system automatically.

Benefits of Zero Touch Provisioning

The benefit of Zero Touch Provisioning is that it eliminates any required manual labour to add hardware devices to the network.

ZTP can be found in switches, wireless access points, (SD-WAN) routers, NFV-platforms and next-generation firewalls.

In his expert blog about Zero Touch Provisioning, Jan-Willem Keinke, Cloud Solution Architect at Nomios, explains why ZTP is important for your security, and how it can be useful to look for specific ZTP-features when selecting vendor hardware for your organisation.

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