Security Orchestration, Automation & Response.

What is a SOAR ?

A SOAR tool (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) centralises information relating to IT security, processes it and proposes automated response adapted to each situation. Considering this technology as an essential element for effective cybersecurity, TEHTRIS decided to implement a SOAR solution, leading to intelligent speed, enhanced response and an in-depth simplification of operational processes.

Pre-configured playbooks that can be customised

The actions of our SOAR can be active (direct neutralisation of a malicious object), or indirect and complex (launch of additional investigations). The automated behaviors, also called playbooks, are pre-configured thanks to a workflow engine. These playbooks will give you access to an improved reaction capacity to deal with security events. They will all be immediately available by default as soon as our SOAR is installed, and configurable according to the needs of your infrastructure.


Why choose SOAR?

icon Operational efficiency with faster MTTR (Mean Time To Respond)
Operational efficiency with faster MTTR (Mean Time To Respond)
icon Immediate availability of our SOAR thanks to its native integration with the TEHTRIS XDR Platform
Immediate availability of our SOAR thanks to its native integration with the TEHTRIS XDR Platform
icon Ultra-smart and customisable response procedures (playbooks)
Ultra-smart and customisable response procedures (playbooks)

TEHTRIS SOAR, the augmented engine for cyber analysis

Automation through the SOAR is the key to an effective and intelligent cybersecurity strategy, as it enables companies and organisations to access many benefits required by the massive amount of data to be processed. Among them, we find in particular:

  • Higher response speed: when faced with security events, the accuracy of your actions is just as important as their speed. With its playbooks and enhanced technology capabilities, our SOAR provides significantly faster data centralisation, support and response to cyber events.
  • Increased efficiency: the SOAR significantly improves the operational efficiency of your teams by automating trivial security procedures, allowing them to focus their efforts on the events that really require their level of expertise. In addition, the SOAR facilitates the work of your SOC by aggregating and validating data from a multitude of sources, helping your security analysts to contextualise incidents and make the most appropriate decisions based on the situation.
  • Reliable and adapted operations: automation enables you to eliminate the risk of human error, which is always present regardless of the level of expertise of your security team. Moreover, being constantly on the lookout for traces can lead to alert fatigue (situations), while the SOAR will assist humans so that they don’t miss anything despite a certain level of complexity.

This automation, combined with artificial intelligence, machine learning and active defense agents, enables our SOAR to react to the slightest cybersecurity event, without human intervention and at any time, 24/7. The responses of our playbooks are calculated to be proportional to the attack and are only triggered with a high degree of certainty in relation to a compromise, imposing adapted sanctions on the attacking tools.

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