The SIEM is one of the keys to NIS-2 compliance.

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Philippe Strübbe , Director Communications & Partner Management , Nomios Germany

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The implementation of a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is essential in times of increasing cyber risks and before the implementation obligation of NIS-2. Nomios Germany also takes the complexity out of this.

A large part of the work of internal cyber security experts is to find out what is going on in your network based on real-time alerts. The SIEM is a platform that provides them with significant support:

  • SIEM systems collect and analyse data from various sources within your own IT infrastructure in real time.
  • SIEM systems aggregate logs and events from network devices, servers, domain controllers, etc.
  • SIEM algorithms and correlation rules identify anomalies that could indicate security incidents.
  • A SIEM also triggers alarms for the security experts using defined parameters.

Why a SIEM or SOAR for NIS-2 compliance?

When choosing a platform, Nomios experts will also advise you on the integrated functions of the SIEM solution in question, thus ensuring compliance with the laws and standards relevant to your company - including documentation.

This also includes NIS-2. SIEM playbooks, i.e. created flowcharts, define appropriate actions and process steps for the workforce.

The next evolutionary stage of the SIEM is SOAR: Security Orchestration Automation and Responses. SOAR provides additional support in the elimination of detected vulnerabilities and standardises the procedure for security incidents. Put simply, SOAR is the automated version of SIEMS and therefore often works with AI or ML support. This automation can also be part of your own risk management and drastically reduces human error.

A SIEM or SOAR can therefore mean audit security at the touch of a button if it is selected, configured and operated correctly.

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But the tool alone cannot fix it.

There are two key challenges that a SIEM tool does not eliminate or even bring with it:

  • Defining security-relevant events too narrowly or too loosely leads to a large number of false alarms that unnecessarily tie up valuable IT resources. Or attacks may even go unrecognised.
  • Internal resources, e.g. in your own SOC (Security Operation Centre), may be insufficient or overwhelmed in the event of an attack. Also with regard to the necessary 24/7 protection.

Especially in view of the NIS-2 Implementation Act, a coordinated combination of the right choice of manufacturer, individual configuration using human expertise and a sufficient number of certified IT security experts is required.

Nomios Germany is aware of the various challenges faced by companies when implementing this combination. We therefore provide targeted support where and when it is needed most.

Implement NIS-2 using SIEM, SOAR and Nomios Germany.

Our services provide targeted relief, enrichment or bridging. We work together on your roadmap to becoming a cyber-resilient company, for example with the following services:

  • Cyber security assessments: We work with you to determine the current maturity level of your company, including with regard to NIS-2.
  • SIEM and SOAR solution consulting and implementation: Together we select the optimal components from over 40 technology partners. Our experience in areas such as attack scenarios and attack vectors makes the difference here.
  • Managed SOC: peace of mind with certified Nomios experts. We take care of the entire operation, monitoring and incident management for you. Your IT staff can focus on business-relevant tasks. Alternatively: Our SOC as a supplement to yours - for example, to ensure 24/7 protection.

Talk to us. We look forward to your new challenges!

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