New SRX Firewalls from Juniper Networks

High-performing in security, the new SRX firewalls significantly reduce power costs and free up your internal teams with AI predictive threat prevention. The perfect optimization for your Juniper Landscape - available January 24.

New effectiveness: In protection and power consumption

SRX Series firewalls are the industry's most effective against threats. They offer AI-driven protection that accurately predicts intrusions, malware and other threats and stops them before they stop your business.

The new generation is especially compelling for data center providers and large enterprise networks, with a new level of energy efficiency that translates into significantly lower operational costs.

Juniper Networks SRX1600, SRX2300, SRX4300 and SRX4700 support a variety of link speeds from 25G to 400G, and throughput rates range from 9Gbps to 1.4Tbps.


SRX firewall appliances with new performance

AI-based threat prevention with custom signatures, linear anti-malware performance, customizable URL filtering, EVPN-VXLAN, simplified configuration, integration with Juniper Security Director Cloud, NSX-T, and Apstra, zero trust, secure supply chains, TPM 2.0, tamper-proof, wirespeed MACsec, performance ranging from 9 Gbps to 1.4 Tbps for FW IMIX, 400GE interface support.

FW IMIX: 9Gbps to 1.4Tbps

Highest security efficiency in the industry

400GE interface support

Supply chain security

TPM 2.0 with cryptographically signed device ID


Wirespeed MACsec

No need to break the tunnel and easier configuration

Even more effective in conjunction with Juniper Security Director Cloud & NSX-T & Apstra

AI-generated custom signatures

Line-rate anti-malware performance

Better customizable URL filtering

Convincing facts

Strong added value with Nomios Germany

99.9% Security Effectiveness

Juniper received a "AAA" rating for a 99.9 percent exploit block rate with zero false positives in CyberRatings 2023 Enterprise Network Firewall Report.

Nomios Juniper Elite Plus Partner

Nomios Germany provides your IT staff with certified and manufacturer-approved firewall specialists. Our experts ensure optimal configuration and fine-tuning and offer additional management and monitoring services around the clock (24x7).

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